Internet data transfer requires electric energy, which creates carbon emissions, and this affects climate change. We are currently working on a low impact website to reduce, even here, our carbon footprint. This temporary landing page has been designed to minimize the energy consumption and CO2 emissions that results from browsing.

Since its foundation, Zordan has developed a corporate approach oriented towards environmental and social sustainability, an approach that found consistency in 2016 by making the company a B-Corp.

Zordan is a point of reference for luxury brands in the design and construction of retail spaces that are attractive to customers and sustainable for people and the environment.

Our goal in the path towards sustainability is to become a completely carbon-free company by 2030. This is why we are changing processes, methods and raw materials, verifying every aspect of corporate sustainability. Also here, on our website.

A B-Corp ™ is a company that voluntarily assumes the obligation to act according to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, measuring its impact in a rigorous and transparent manner. The certification is issued by B Lab, a non-profit organization whose goal is to transform the power of business into a positive force that creates value.

Maurizio, Marta Maria and Alfredo Zordan

There are two ways to correct your
carbon footprint: the easier, compensating.
The truest: encouraging change.

Sustainability: with us
you can make your project greener.

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THE INTERNET is accountable for 3.7% of the world's carbon emissions, since an enormous amount of electricity is required to run data transfer centers around the world.

THE COMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY could use 20% of all the world's electricity by 2025.

THE IT SECTOR already consumes an estimated 7% of global electricity.


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